Nov 26, 2013

Synopsis - Legend of the Monkey Kid

Following is the synopsis of my work at Fountain Pixel animation studio, Pune.
My project was to develop concepts for a cartoon TV series for children. The developed concept along with the plots of individual episodes were to be the basis a production bible, to be pitched to TV channels.

Approved Concept - Legend of the Monkey Kid.
In a hidden valley of a magical river with sparkling fresh water, flourished a thick jungle which was untouched by the outside world. Living in a magical habitat with glowing trees and speaking rocks, the resident animals of that jungle were peace-loving creatures. They were looked upon by their forest deity "Jungalika". Jungalika the jungle goddess had a council of 12 elder trees, each of which was more than 5000 years old. The elder trees passed their wisdom to every generation of animals and helped in maintaining a state of peace. 

As the time changed the untouched valley was discovered by certain outsiders and they introduced corrupting elements to the jungle. A certain sect of animals with weak conscious fell to the corruption and started destroying the jungle for their own selfish gains. 

Among the corrupted was a group of Langoors who have gained tremendous technological edge from the corruption, and were now hell bent on becoming the rulers of the jungle. They used their fierce technology majorly for violence and exploiting jungle resources. There was also a old Peepal tree who has fell to the corruption and now spread the word of violence against others. These villains were just the beginning of many more to come.

To counter the corruption and the corrupted, Jungalika chose a innocent soul as the savior of the jungle. A monkey kid. The only son to the leader of red-face Monkeys. Using the power bestowed on him by the Jungle goddess and the wisdom of the 12 elder trees, the monkey kid along with his friends fights the corruption and the corrupted.
His group of friends include an enthusiastic tiger cub, a very emotional rhino kid and and monkey kids childhood friend who is also the daughter to his neighboring red-face monkey family. Together the Monkey kid and his friends save the jungle from the corruption and the corrupted.

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