Nov 26, 2013

Story for a Tinkle web episode involving Supandi and DD

Following is a story for a web episode for tinkle digest. The story involves Supandi, a innocent moron famous for his mindless noble deeds and Defective detectives (DD) characters Ravi(hooting owl) and Rahul(whooping crane) known to goof up ongoing criminal investigations or building criminal cases out of their own imagination.

Scene 1
Supandis new master calls him and hands him a packet

Master – Supandi! deliver this packet to bank manager sahib. Carry it very carefully and discreetly.. It contains 50,000Rs. 

Supandi – wow master! How did you get so much money?

Master (laughing)– I got this money from god’s grace Supandi, this is his money. I am only taking care of it.

Supandi – Do not worry master, I will take good care of gods money!

Scene 2
DD – Ravi and Rahul were carrying out a regular afternoon patrol in market -

Hooting owl – Whooping crane! Its awfully quite today!

Whooping crane – Yes  Hooting owl! This seems like the silence before the storm!

Hooting owl – how ever big the storm is it cannot escape from our watchful eyes!

Whooping crane – Yeah!!.. wait.. look at that guy carrying a packet.. ( they both see Supandi carrying a packet, trying to hide it from everyone’s sight). What do you think it is?

Hooting owl – I don’t know! But the way he is carrying it makes me suspicious! Lets follow him like a unseen shadow and find out what he is up to!

Mean while..

Supandi (thinking) – Master must be really religious that god gave him his own money.. I wonder why does he want to give god’s money to bank manager sahib!

Supandi (thinking)  – May be he wants manager sahib to return the money to god! But why did he not do it himself! God lives in the temple near -by only! Ooh yes! He got up late this morning, so he must have not taken a bath..  

Ravi and Rahul are following Supandi

Whooping crane – This guy looks super creepy.. he is definitely up-to something sinister

Hooting owl – I agree! Look at the way he is trying to hide the packet he is carrying! I wonder what is inside it and what he is going to do with it!

Supandi lost in his thoughts –
Supandi (thinking) – May be I can myself give the money to god! I have taken a bath today too! Yes! This will be good! Master will be happy to know that god got his money back early!

Scene 3

Supandi starts walking towards the temple, Ravi and Rahul follow him.

Hooting owl – Look! He is entering the temple!

Whooping crane – Why is he placing that packet near god’s idol? Wait a minute.. Hooting owl! Do you think it is a bomb?

Hooting owl – I think yes it is! This guy is a terrorist!

Ravi and Rahul run into the temple yelling at top of their voices –


Every -body is alerted and they surround Supandi

Hooting owl – Got you terrorist! You want to disturb the peace of our state! 

Whooping crane – your game is over terrorist! We have saved this temple!

In the mean time a inspector nearby also showed up to the spot

Inspector – What is going on over here..uuh .. you two! Are you again trying to run your useless brains into some fictitious criminal case! 

Whooping crane – no Inspector! This guy was carrying a packet and was trying to hide it from everyone! He was about to leave this packet here! 

Inspector (to supandi) – Is it true mister!  What are you carrying in the packet and why were you hiding it from everyone?!

Supandi – Inspector sahib this packet belongs to god! I was hiding it because it contains god’s 50,000 rupees and I did not want any-one to steel it!

Inspector (laughing) – ooh! This man is just making a donation to the temple! You too brats were again chasing imaginary demons ! But I appreciate your vigilance.. one should be watch-full of his surrounding in these times..

Hooting owl – wow! For once our efforts are being appreciated!

Scene 4

Supandi heads back to his master with a broad smile –

Supandi – Master! I returned gods returned gods money to god himself!
Master (baffled) – what??!!

Supandi  - Yes master! I took a bath today so I went to the temple and returned gods money to god myself!

Master fainted

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